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The First COVID Positive Facility in Tucson, AZ

Harmony House Tucson is the FIRST assisted living home to provide specialized care to COVID positive older adults in Tucson, AZ. Early in the pandemic, Harmony Hospice had a patient who tested positive and was sent to the hospital from his assisted living home. His grandmother was his only family and visited him every day until he was admitted to the hospital COVID unit. She was never able to speak or see him again. He died alone. I will forever be devastated by this story.

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Ready to Help

As I began to see more and more of these heartbreaking stories, I started to do some research. I found that there was nowhere for these COVID positive patients to go other than the hospital or a skilled nursing unit and felt compelled to do something about this. One of the best lessons I have learned in life is, “It never hurts to ask!” So, I asked for help from the Pima County Health Department and they graciously agreed to help.

Assisted Living for COVID Positive Patients

I am immensely proud to announce the opening of my health care facility, Harmony House Tucson. I have created a pilot program for COVID positive older adults. We are a specialized 10-bed assisted living home. We will be accepting patients who are 65 and older from hospitals and skilled units and bringing them into a home-like environment. They will have access to their friends, families, and a wonderful team of caregivers to help them recover and go back home.

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We Can't Do It Without You

This whole project has been serendipitous! I am so excited and honored to announce that my long-time mentor and friend, Terri Waldman, will be joining me on this journey. Harmony House Tucson wouldn’t be successful without the help of our family, friends, and community. Please stay tuned for a list of ways you can give back to our COVID positive elders during this horrible pandemic.